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Minerve Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

With substantial growth throughout the years, Minerve Remedies is a fast growing Ethical, transparent and vibrant pharmaceutical company. We believe quality is continuous process and so our products are coming with such quality that they are immediately accepted. The organization has been committed to providing a wide range of Quality and Affordable Pharmaceutical Drugs to a large number of Patients who are in need and Remedies professionals.

The company started its journey in 2016 with the honest promise of providing quality medicines at affordable prices, superior quality and innovation, all in order to achieve excellence in the pharmaceutical business. Company consolidated its position with strong marketing infrastructure and today company is a trusted name in the Remedies industry.

In Minerve Remedies “Quality is a Journey, not a Goal” and in journey up-till now “Quality has become our Guiding Principle.”

We cherish quality greatly and take efforts to sustain quality at every stage. It continuously sets higher standards and feels passionate to achieve all that. The motto of Minerve's quality policy is “To provide WHO approved Product”. As a trustworthy and responsible pharmaceutical company, we have made it a point to create a trustworthy brand, where our customers always associate us with innovation, quality, reliability, sustainability and excellent customer service. Our team of professionals combined with our infrastructure is always ready for it.

Minerve Remedies is actively involved in marketing of different types of pharmaceutical products. Therefore when it comes to manufacturing of quality products,Minerve Remedies is undoubtedly one of the names due to our hard-earned credibility of providing the best to our service. “We hope to become one of the most admired pharmaceutical companies in India.”

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Minerve Pharmaceuticals is led by a diverse, dynamic, committed and entrepreneurial. We market quality products tailored to meet the modern challenges in Remedies. With our expertise and deep talent pool, we take pride in being an independent and responsible pharmaceutical company dedicated to unlocking solutions that make people feel healthier and live longer.


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Our Values


Our employee maintains the highest ethical standards and acts to protect and uphold the regulations and procedures required to produce quality products. We believe in a culture of honesty, discipline and resilience.


We create an environment where our employees and customer are free to share their points of view and to speak the truth as they see it. We believe that our employees make the difference between a good and a great company.


We innovate to create value for customers, our partners in the healthcare system and our employees. We constantly look for original and better ways creating solutions for current and future unmet needs.


To build long term relationships with our customers & employees, we take steps to improve, develop, and expand our communication abilities both with our employees and healthcare providers.

Team Work

Our team work with passion, energy and positive attitude. All employees work together in support of one another to move Minerve Remedies forward to reach the company’s goals and objectives.

Respect for People

We acknowledge that people are the key to our success. We are comitted to treat our employees and customer with respect and dignity and create a culture of openness which helps their professional and personal growth.

Continuous Learning

Each employee promotes and supports continuous efforts that lead to improvements in our products and services. We provide opportunities everyone to take advantage of specific education and training.


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